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Alternative data

Expand your insight capabilities with a diverse set of private data sources.

Alternative data is non-traditional data used within financial services to help inform investment decisions and achieve a competitive edge.

CK Hutchison’s diverse portfolio of businesses provide a wide source of data from across the globe, which is constantly growing. Combining this data with our team’s deep sector expertise, we can identify relevant use cases to unlock investment opportunities that result in increased financial performance.

Alternative data benefits


Competitive advantage

uncovering hidden insights with CKDelta empowers institutional investors to generate alpha and outperform the market.


Unique, unconventional insights

not available through traditional financial products. CKDelta data allows investors to gain deeper insights of target companies and industries.


Timely information

allowing investors to react quickly to changing market conditions and events.


Improved decision making

incorporating CKDelta data into investment analysis improves investors' overall data driven approach.

Here to help

Get in touch if you'd like to hear more about our broad range of datasets that could be additive to your unique needs.