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Unlock efficiency with AI in asset management.


Empower your asset management with our AI-driven solution to streamline operations and optimise performance for a smarter, more efficient network.

△Asset is a virtual assistant for your asset management, providing a comprehensive knowledge register, AI-guided technician support, and efficient data analysis, all to enhance operational efficiency and asset performance.

ΔAsset benefits


Put safety first

using AI powered guidance to enhance operational efficiency.


Optimise investment

planning capex, opex and repex strategically to increase ROI.


Inform decision making

using data driven insights and reports to improve accuracy.


Improve workforce resilience

sharing expertise and recommendations via a virtual expert assistant.


Asset product features

Real-time asset health updates

AI-driven interface delivers instant, real-time asset health status updates, enhancing asset availability and streamlining replacement planning.

AI-powered performance prediction

Harnesses historical asset data, combined with the expertise of asset managers and advanced analytics algorithms, to predict potential asset failures or performance decline.

Knowledge register

Creates a comprehensive knowledge base by cataloging and organising all available document information. It ensures that users have quick and easy access to vital data, reducing the time spent searching for documents.

AI-powered technician guidance

Technicians get real-time recommendations and guidance based on a knowledge base of equipment maintenance data. This assistance streamlines maintenance processes and minimises downtime.

Asset intelligence with AI

This feature leverages AI to generate insights and reports in response to ad-hoc requests. It eliminates the need for extensive data analysis, saving time and resources and simplifying complex tasks.

Optimised reliability maintenance

Identifies the most suitable maintenance actions for each asset to achieve desired reliability levels while minimising expenses and risks.



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