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Unlock your network's potential with intelligent ΔDemand forecasting. 

ΔDemand is a cutting-edge AI driven Intelligent App offering accurate
consumption estimates for existing and unobserved assets. 

Powered by AI, our engine learns from a small sample of instrumented assets
and extrapolates demand across the entire network.

ΔDemand benefits


Improve safety

minimising outages and the need for physical interventions.


Cut carbon emissions

streamlining operations and the need to travel to site.


Save time and money

avoiding instrumentation of the entire network.


Boost network resilience

rapidly detecting anomalies and forecasting future demand.


Demand product features

Unlock 100% demand with 10% sensor installations

△Demand utilises data from a strategically installed 10% of assets to accurately predict demand for the remaining 90%, providing comprehensive visibility across your network.

AI-powered future demand forecasting

△Demand leverages AI technology, historical demand patterns, and customer profiles to accurately predict future network demand, enabling proactive planning and optimised resource allocation.

Proactive anomaly detections with actionable insights

△Demand identifies and highlights anomalies in real-time, equipping your technical team with quick and actionable insights, saving valuable investigation time and streamlining issue resolution.

Intelligent instrumentation strategy to optimise visibility with minimum capex

△Demand optimises sensor placement for comprehensive coverage, minimal capex, and swift implementation.

Scenario simulation for optimal network planning

△Demand empowers you to run scenario simulations of future network activities, providing actionable insights on the impact, enabling proactive measures to minimise negative effects on assets and supply chain.

Demand success story

UK Power Networks used ∆Demand to increase network efficiency and free up to 70MW of network capacity.