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Meet vulnerable customer needs using AI to achieve compliance excellence.

△Priority is your advanced data driven ally, empowering you to identify and support vulnerable customers while navigating complex regulatory landscapes effortlessly.

With AI driven customer classification, tailored communication strategies, and geo-spatial insights, △Priority paves the way for responsive, compliance ready engagement that truly puts your customers first.

ΔPriority benefits


Prioritise customer needs

ensuring vulnerable and fuel poor customers receive appropriate support.


Target strategically

increasing ROI of awareness activities using geo-spatial insights.


Communicate effectively

using AI and data to increase engagement and combat digital exclusion.


Assure regulatory compliance

employing advanced machine learning to classify customers' regulatory needs.


Priority product features

Comprehensive vulnerable customer profiles

Creates a holistic understanding of vulnerable customer profiles and needs, seamlessly integrating internal company data with open source data in a centralised master repository.

Proactive vulnerable customer identification

Proactively identifies and prioritises customers or geographies that may be facing vulnerabilities so assistance is provided where it’s needed most.

Personalised communication channels

Analyses customer preferences and behavior, from mail to phone calls, SMS to social media, and recommends the best communication channels for engaging with each individual.

Optimised communication strategies

Utilises A/B testing continuous optimisation of communications, ensuring that your messages resonate with vulnerable customers and have a lasting impact.

Data driven insights and reporting

Tracks customer satisfaction, engagement rates, and key performance indicators with comprehensive reporting dashboards to steer ongoing improvements and social impact.


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