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Maximise profitability with intelligent charger placement for an electric future.

ΔPower is an advanced AI Intelligent App designed to optimise the strategic placement of charging stations for electric vehicles. It leverages the vast set of alternative data from across the CK Hutchison Holdings group to drive innovative modelling.

It maximises future revenue potential, calculates carbon offset and ensures reliable performance, all with a focus on seamless user experience.

ΔPower benefits


Increase ROI

optimising the efficiency and profitability of charging stations.


Keep power flowing

enhancing reliability and assuring minimal disruption.


Delight customers

by placing electric vehicle chargers in locations with increasing customer EV adoption.


Demonstrate carbon reduction

reporting CO2 saved per charge point versus fuel equivalents.


Power product features

Data-driven location optimisation

△Power utilises extensive data analysis, including information on people movement, location attributes, and nearby factors, to identify the most strategic and high-demand locations for the installation of public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Future revenue estimation

Incorporates predictive models that estimate the future revenue potential for each charging station, aiding long-term planning and investment decisions.

Utilisation analysis

Provides a detailed analysis of charging station utilisation, comparing targets to actual performance, helping businesses understand ROI and optimimal charger placement.

Maintenance alerts

Creates proactive alerts for charger breakdowns, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal charger operation to enhance user experience and maximise revenue.

CO2 emission savings

△Power calculates and displays the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions saved through the use of the charging infrastructure, promoting environmental sustainability and contributing to reduced carbon footprint.



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