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Enhance network reliability and resilience while increasing operational efficiency.


△Prevent digital twin streamlines asset monitoring to eliminate risk of supply disruption and
prioritise preventive maintenance. 

Historical, current and predictive maintenance data are integrated to create an intelligent
health score for each asset and a maintenance roadmap.

ΔPrevent benefits


Seamless distribution

ensuring uninterrupted distribution with proactive asset lifecycle planning.


Adapt safety first

reducing the risk of accidents and incidents with health monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Budget accurately

using predictive outcome modelling of internal and external factors to understand impact.


Improve sustainability

increasing network resilience, safeguarding against disruptions and limiting leakage.


Prevent product features

Holistic network insights

A 360 degree view of data from all network components, sensors, and tools to construct a centralized data repository for advanced analytics and reporting.

Real-time risk reduction

Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time updates and predictive maintenance, reducing supply chain disruptions.

Safety and incident prevention

Minimise incidents and unplanned downtime with proactive measures, recommendations for preventive maintenance and real-time health assessments.

AI-powered performance prediction

Harnessing historical asset data, combined with the expertise of asset managers and advanced analytics algorithms, to predict potential asset failures or performance decline.

Compliant and repair analysis

Unearth concealed network issues by scrutinizing frequent complaints and repair operations. With proactive issue resolution, witness your network's reliability and resilience soar to new heights.


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