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Enable net zero with accurate modelling for emissions at scopes 1, 2 and 3. 

△Carbon is a cutting-edge carbon reporting tool and sophisticated AI Intelligent App that automates carbon emissions reporting, ensuring standardisation and compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

With seamless data automation, auditable accuracy, and comprehensive value chain mapping, it streamlines a complex process, delivering insightful sustainability optimisation across your organisation to help you achieve net zero targets.

ΔCarbon benefits


Assure regulatory compliance

meeting complex requirements, avoiding risks and penalties.


Reduce carbon footprint

with data driven guidance to accelerate journey to net zero.


Enhance sustainability reputation

committing to transparent and auditable emissions reporting.


Save time and money

deploying AI to eliminate manual data handling and unstructured processes.


Carbon product features

Extensive comprehensive carbon reporting

△Carbon provides detailed coverage across all three carbon reporting scopes, in line with SECR and CSRD requirements, offering a comprehensive view of your organisation's emissions.

Intelligent automation

With automated data upload, management, data quality review and intelligent data imputation, △Carbon swiftly generates emissions insights, saving you time and streamlining your reporting process.

Activity and spend based reporting

Utilise both activity based and spend based methods for detailed value chain reporting, offering a comprehensive view of emissions from various angles within your organisation.

Progress tracking

Monitor your sustainability progress with ease by comparing emissions with targets and previous reporting periods, accelerating your journey to net zero with data driven  recommendations.

Value chain mapping

Accurately map your value chain to facilitate in-depth and accurate scope 3 emissions reporting, providing a holistic view of your organisation's carbon footprint.



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