CKDelta is excited to be a launch partner for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for Energy. This is Databricks’ first industry-specific data intelligence platform built on the lakehouse architecture for energy customers. 

With Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform for Energy, energy leaders are enabled with a centralised data and AI platform that can democratise data access to their entire enterprise by delivering the full value of asset, operations, environmental, and customer data to deliver a safer, more reliable, and smarter energy system.
CKDelta has partnered with Databricks to build a suite of intelligent apps, built on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for Energy to deliver an open, flexible data platform infused with AI. The first intelligent app to be made available via the platform is ∆Power.

∆Power is an advanced AI Intelligent application designed to optimise the strategic placement of charging stations for electric vehicles. It leverages a vast set of alternative data, including information on the movement of people, location attributes, and nearby factors, to drive innovative modelling. By using ∆Power, you are able to maximise future revenue potential, calculate carbon offset, and ensure reliable performance, all with a focus on seamless user experience.

According to a report by McKinsey, AI has the potential to create up to $5 trillion in value in the energy industry over the next decade. The use of data and AI capabilities is also seen as vital for the energy sector to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, particularly in accelerating the transition to clean energy sources and improving collaboration across the energy ecosystem. In the next 10 years, successful energy companies will set themselves apart by deploying data, analytics and AI to simultaneously tap the opportunities of mid-transition and mitigate the risk of price volatility on the broader ecosystem.

The comprehensive set of CKDelta intelligent apps built on top of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform enables the energy industry innovate delivering revenue growth, cost savings, enhanced safety and improved sustainability.

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