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Supercharge your campaigns with data to win new customers and keep them coming back


Reaching your audience has become a fine art form as digital and out-of-home advertising are increasingly restricted by new regulations. 

Modelling and analysis of anonymised data will drive your performance and provide a better understanding of consumer behaviour. Using data from over 176 million devices internationally, our data experts can provide daily engagement insights so you know who to advertise what to, when and where. 

Customer success

Emodo Supply has helped Emodo verify, enrich and filter its inventory to reduce waste and unnecessary spend whilst being GDPR-compliant.

In today’s media landscape, marketers are striving to deliver personalised ad experiences to consumers, but still lacking the accuracy to do it effectively. Emodo Supply, verified by Three, marks a significant evolution in the quality of programmatic ad inventory.


Here to help

“Hello. I’m Philip and I work with advertising businesses to extract value from the vast amount of data CKDelta has available. 
Get in touch so we can begin a conversation about the options for increasing your engagement rates.”

CKDelta has expanded services in digital and out-of-home advertising through our strong network of clients and partners.

We have built upon our partnership with Emodo, an Ericsson company, to improve the accuracy of data in the advertising industry around the world by helping to deliver machine learning models trained using high-frequency data.