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Data lab

Bring expert data lab resource into your team on a project basis. CKDelta can provide a collaborative, agile squad of data scientists, engineers and architects to build minimum viable products and the intellectual property (IP) you’ll need for a fully embedded capability.

85% of data science projects fail and 46% of AI implementations are not completed. Resource and time play key roles in enabling success which is where Data lab as a service alleviates barriers and fast tracks your project. We provide a combination of data engineers, data scientists, machine learning operations (MLOps) engineers, user experience (UX) engineers, user interface (UI) engineers, data architects, product owners and scrum masters expert in AGILE, design thinking and data visualization.

Data lab benefits


Flexible talent acquisition

Avoid long-term commitment and recruitment costs by purchasing services.


Upskill existing staff

Collaboration as part of an agile squad provides experiential learning.


Implement best practices

Our experts will ensure all implementations meet industry standards

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