How can utilities balance increasing demand for electricity with net zero ambitions?

The rising demand for electricity, partly fuelled by the rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the electrification of heat, is set to further strain grid infrastructure globally. Traditional utility companies, particularly those yet to digitise, need innovative new ways to disrupt trajectory when dealing with expanding the scale of operations that must provide to millions. In addition to meeting this everincreasing demand, utilities business must fulfil climate policy and regulatory obligations by lowering carbon emissions. The ask is essentially to deliver more, while using less. Here we explore how AI is helping utilities businesses bridge the chasm and enhance every aspect of operations. 

In an era where global clean energy spending reached $1.8T in 2023, cost efficiency is crucial. Deployment of AI offers many benefits for those managing large utility networks. Developed economies will need to spend billions to meet future demands and the strategic application of AI can:

Optimise the allocation of capital expenditure. 
Reduction of capital expenditure achieved using AI can unlock funding for further investment and innovation too. 

Enable system integration and visualisation
AI facilitates integration of many technologies, generating innovative ways to visualise, digitalise and simulate complex networks dynamics. 

Transform grid management
AI-driven analytics enhance decision-making with predictive insights at every level of the workforce. This leads to more proactive maintenance, reduced operational costs associated with unexpected grid failures.

The factors driving AI adoption for CKDelta customers are:

  • Rapid EV infrastructure expansion
  • Widespread adoption of heat pumps
  • Rising energy storage solutions
  • Regulatory shifts that mandate journey to net zero
  • Growing demand for decentralised energy systems.

While these challenges are well recognised, how you can make an impact with AI will depend on where you are in the journey right now. At CKDelta we have experience in working with organisations at different maturity levels. If you’re just starting out, Discovery services help many utilities and infrastructure businesses begin the journey to becoming data driven. At the other end of the scale, organisations with advanced data capabilities are able to utilise intelligent apps that have been validated and deployed at scale.  

Customers with a vision that can be realised using additional resources opt for CKDelta’s Data lab as a service which provides a skilled team of data scientists, engineers, and architects for collaborative, project-based support, building minimum viable products and intellectual property for embedded AI capabilities.  

Wherever you are on the quest to balance increasing demand with net zero ambitions, AI, data management, and digitisation enable rapid adaptation and ensure grid stability for consumers. With the load on the electricity grid expected to increase between 62% to 185% by 2050, technology and innovative application are crucial for efficient growth management.

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